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We live in turbulent times - evil days filled with lies and godlessness. The hearts and souls of our children and grandchildren are at risk. These are urgent times needing grandparents who will choose not to pass the baton and take a seat on the sidelines. Your leg of the race is not yet completed. The race is still on and you are called to finish well. You are needed because God's purpose for you to disciple and bless another generation to walk in the truth is not complete.

Courageous Grandparenting focuses around interactive teaching sessions that provide the tools grandparents will need to help their children and grandchildren walk in the truth in this broken world.

First Baptist Church

429 Main Street  *  Springvale, Maine

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

The York Association of American Baptist Churches of Maine will host the Courageous Grandparenting Conference presented by Dr. Glenn Havumaki, author of Trashed or Treasured and Jere Vincent Family Builders Ministies on September 30 at First Baptist Church of Springvale, Maine to help you finish the race will.

Cavin will unpack practical, biblical tools to help you build a faith legacy that outlives you generation after generation. Whether you are a grandparent, parent or other concerned member of God's family, this event is for you. It is for anyone not content to merely be a good grandparent, parent or Christian. "It is a call to courageous, intentional faith," according to Cavin Harper, "in which we live our lives as conduits of God's grace and truth one generation to another.

Will you join us as we link arms together in response to God's call to build a movement of courageous grandparents (and parents) who understand the times and know how to fight for the hearts and souls of families?

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