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Faith and Service
Across the Centuries


1822 - 2023


One winter evening, a group of earnest Christians met at one of the home in this town and organize what was to be know threafter as, The South Berwick Village Batpist Church. This was a Wednesday evening, November 12, 1823.

Three prominent men present at that important meeting were Josiah W. Seaver, Charles W. Trafton and Samuel Parks.

In June of 1824 a vestry was built in the middle of town, at the corner of what is now known as Scott's Court and Main Street.  I burned shortly after being built and it was not untel December 1826 that a new meeting hose was finished. (Our present building.)


Coming Activities

 Celebration Sunday, November 17, 2023

10:30 AM Worship Service

12:00 PM Appetizers and Fellowship

12:30 PM Dinner

2:00 PM Closing - Presentations, recognitions, remarks, desserts and fellowship

Anniversary Celebration Dinner
Anniversary Celebration Dinner
Nov 12, 12:30 PM
South Berwick

Watch for details as we celebrate ministry together

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